Food Recipes

This apple and pear Crosata is very easy to make and really delicious. Crosata is the Italian name for a pie with just a bottom crust.

2 apples & 2 pears, 1/4 tsp. lime zest, juice from the lime, 1 teaspoon, 1 little packet stevia, 1TBS. raw sugar, frozen pie crust, 1 spoonful sliced almonds, 1 tablespoon orange marmalade.

Camellia Oil

Camellia oil has been around for centuries. It is a light oil that is absorbed quickly. Also known as Japanese tea oil. It is a flowering red plant with red bloom. It is used in China also as a cooking oil. The Japanese have been using this for their face and hair for centuries. It has many therapeutic properties.


In some reports and studies, it shows vegans being as unhealthy as the meat eaters. This was a great puzzelment to the vegan commuinity. Of coarse, it can be explained if one is a junk-food vegan, but what about vegans who eat lots of plant food?


During this month of June, 2016 I took my first trip to Tokyo. I was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be crowded and busy like any big city, but I never anticipated how well run the city is. It's really like clock work.

Food Recipes

For those of you who have tried making a chia pudding with water and found it a bit taste-less, try this version with cocoa powder. It's delicious!

1 cup almond milk or other plant milk

1/4 cup chia seeds

2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1 to 2 tablespoons brown sugar. or use maple syrup

1 teaspoon almond extract and 2 teaspoons vanilla


3 lady fingers or 3 small squares of pound cake- optional

Facial Oils and Essential Oils

There are many carrier oils and essential oils available. For acne and sensitive skin types the best essential oils are: Lavender, Tea-tree, Juniper berry,Clary Sage and Bergamot. The best carrier oils for acne and sensitive are organic golden jojoba, fractionated coconut oil and perilla oil. A combination of two or three also works well. For a 15 ml bottle you only need about 4 to 5 drops of essential oils. If you haven't tried any of the carrier oils above try just one to see how your skin reacts and add the 4 or 5 drops of essential oils.

Food Recipes

Socca is made from chickpea flour. A good Brand is Bob's Redmill. This is the preferred brand for me. Anyway, take a cup of the flour and place in a medium bowl. Add a cup of water. One teaspoon of olive oil is optional. You can add 1/4 Italian seasoning and a sprinkle of thyme or just leave plain. Let sit for 15 minutes.  Spray a skillet with oil or put a small amount into your skillet. I use a non-stick skillet.

Perfume Making

Making natural perfume oil is a little different than perfumes made by the big perfume houses that hire multiple people and chemists. They use lots of synthetic (man made ingredients) and have an expert called a "Nose". These perfumes tend to last several hours but can also give individuals headaches. And many people are allergic to these mass produced perfumes. They can also contain hormone disruptors.


For the last few years I considered myself a vegetarian but still ate seafood. I particularly ate shrimp a few times a month. I tried to eat only wild caught but soon found that I couldn't find wild caught. Eveything seemed to come from Thailand or China and the shrimp was farmed.

Why Beans Should be Eaten

When growing up, I always thought of the bean as something to be eaten occasionally and that the bean was a lowly food. Something that poor people ate freguently. I grew up in the fifties and sixties, when eating meat and potatoes was considered necessary for a healthy life. Large quantities of dairy consumption was also encouraged. Fortunately, my mother hated milk and butter. And I never like the taste of milk so I didn't consume as much as the average person. 

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