April 2016

Perfume Making

Making natural perfume oil is a little different than perfumes made by the big perfume houses that hire multiple people and chemists. They use lots of synthetic (man made ingredients) and have an expert called a "Nose". These perfumes tend to last several hours but can also give individuals headaches. And many people are allergic to these mass produced perfumes. They can also contain hormone disruptors.


For the last few years, I considered myself a vegetarian but still ate seafood. I particularly ate shrimp a few times a month. I tried to eat only wild caught but soon found that I couldn't find wild caught. Everything seemed to come from Thailand or China and the shrimp was farmed.

Why Beans Should be Eaten

When growing up, I always thought of the bean as something to be eaten occasionally and that the bean was a lowly food. Something that poor people ate freguently. I grew up in the fifties and sixties, when eating meat and potatoes was considered necessary for a healthy life. Large quantities of dairy consumption was also encouraged. Fortunately, my mother hated milk and butter. And I never like the taste of milk so I didn't consume as much as the average person.