Facial Oils and Essential Oils

There are many carrier oils and essential oils available. For acne and sensitive skin types the best essential oils are: Lavender, Tea-tree, Juniper berry,Clary Sage and Bergamot. The best carrier oils for acne and sensitive are organic golden jojoba, fractionated coconut oil and perilla oil. A combination of two or three also works well. For a 15 ml bottle you only need about 4 to 5 drops of essential oils. If you haven't tried any of the carrier oils above try just one to see how your skin reacts and add the 4 or 5 drops of essential oils.

Since Tea Tree is fairly strong, one drop is usually enough. For a good ratio, use 1 drop of tea tree, 1 lavender, 1 clary sage and 1 of juniper berry. If you have Bergamot add also 1 drop. When using Bergamot use a brand that is bergaptene free. If you don't want to buy more than one or two essential oils, buy just lavender and tea tree. And if you can only purchase one essential oil, buy lavender. Add a few drops to a carrier oil, like jojoba. Although it's rare, some people are alleric to jojoba. Always test on your arm first. 

When your face is broken out with pimples it is best to leave foundation off if you can. I know that most individuals want to cover it up. Try using a foundation only when going out in public and try to find one that is formulated for acne. If in doubt get a recommendation from a dermatologist or ask a pharmacist.

Change your pillow case often and avoid touching your hands to your face. Wash your face before applying the essential oil combination.  Ten to Twenty minutes in the sun without sunscreen is also helpful for drying out the acne. Also avoid processed foods, and drink plenty of water. 

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