In some reports and studies, it shows vegans being as unhealthy as the meat eaters. This was a great puzzelment to the vegan commuinity. Of coarse, it can be explained if one is a junk-food vegan, but what about vegans who eat lots of plant food?

It seems according to Dr. Gregor, a medical doctor who is an expert in nutrition, this is due to the fact that many vegans are consuming too much plant oil and not getting enough vitamin B12. All plant oils contain a large amount of fat and are chemically processed. Extra virgin olive oil is slightly better, but not much. The plant oils that I am referring to, are the commercially processed oils that come in the bottle. Not what is found naturally in the plant as you are eating it. 

We used to get our vitamin B12 from the soil, before we washed our vegetable so well. Now meat eaters get theirs from meat. Many people have a deficiency in Vitamin B12, even meat eaters. But vegans especially, if they don't take a supplement. Taking a 2000 unit once per week is all that you need. If you take in too much, your body just gets rid of it.

Ever wonder why gorillas seem to do so well on a plant-based diet with no meat? They don't wash their vegetables and they also eat insects. I am not advocating that we don't wash our vegetables because there are lots of nasties in our soil. But the optimum way is through a supplement. 

The less plant oil that you consume, the better off you will be. Use only a very small amount. It is possible to saute without oil. A small amount of water works well. You just keep adding a little water as you need it. Or use broth. Of coarse, with steaming you don't need any oil.

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