Perfume Making

Making natural perfume oil is a little different than perfumes made by the big perfume houses that hire multiple people and chemists. They use lots of synthetic (man made ingredients) and have an expert called a "Nose". These perfumes tend to last several hours but can also give individuals headaches. And many people are allergic to these mass produced perfumes. They can also contain hormone disruptors.

When making natural perfume oils it also helps if you have a good nose. In general, women have more intricate fragrance detectors. Men tend to like citrus more than flowery notes. Women usually enjoy a combination of the two.

To make a simple, but refreshing perfume oil, purchase a  dark, 15ml or 1 ounce glass bottle with a dropper or a roll-on bottle. Roll-on bottles work best. If you aren't sure if the bottle has been sanitized, you can spritz the inside with rubbing alcohol and then wait a few minutes for it to dry.


Fill half way with jojoba or fractionated coconut oil. These oils are best because they have a long shelf life. Natural perfume is always best made in small quantities so that they don't last forever and you have a fresh scent. 

Pick three essentail oils that you like. One should be a base note like patchouli or frankincense which will help hold the perfume. Another should be a heart note. Some perfumes can be a heart note or a top note. And then pick a top note like a citrus or lavender..

Here is an example: put in 5 drops frankincense, 15 geranium and 20 grapefruit. 2 drops lavender will help bind the fragrance. You can put in the lavender at the end after you are happy with the fragrance. You can add more geranium if you want a sweeter fragrance. Always start out with less and then add more. Once you have your ingredients in and are happy, top off with more oil.

Remember to not go all the way to the top with the oil because the dropper will push the oil up. Once the cap is put on tightly, tap the bottle on your palm 30 times. Then let the perfume rest for a day or two for the oils to blend. With a roller-ball bottle you can easily take the perfume with you and reapply as needed. You can put a little in your hair and the fragrance will last longer than when on your skin.

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Hello! I love getting to read about how perfumes are made! Perfumes are definitely one of my interest and I love reading about how scents are combined to create the perfume. It is such a great idea for someone to be able to create their own custom perfume scent that is exactly how they like it.
~Woodlands and Wildflowers~


I agree. Natural perfumes made from essential oils are so much better than the mass produced commercial ones!

Perfume making

Thanks for your comment. Perfume making is very gratifying and fun. And it's free of toxic chemicals.

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