For the last few years, I considered myself a vegetarian but still ate seafood. I particularly ate shrimp a few times a month. I tried to eat only wild caught but soon found that I couldn't find wild caught. Everything seemed to come from Thailand or China and the shrimp was farmed.

After finding out that 90% of the shrimp came from ocean farms I stopped eating shrimp. It seems that these ocean farms are like cess pools. The waste gets trapped along with pesticides and other toxins. The fish are fed artificial food and given dyes to keep them pink looking. And the sanitary conditions of the packaging process is quite bad. The US doesn't even inspect the farmed shrimp. Even wild caught shrimp have problems because they are bottom feeders and the ocean has become quite polluted.

The farmed fish is equally as bad as the shrimp. The only fish that I would consider eating is the wild caught salmon from Alaska and other wild-caught fish.  Even wild caught salmon is polluted so I eat it in moderation.  You can get the B3 and B6 from flax seeds and other vegetables. Wild salmon is 70% fat with about 30% with the B3 vitamins. I eat wild-caught seafood, about twice a month.

It's really sad that the ocean has become so polluted from fish farms along with oil and other toxic material. The good news is that you can be very healthy eating a plant based diet. I have discovered wild-caught shrimp at Trader Joe's. so far it's the only place that has it available that I'm aware of.

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