During this month of June, 2016 I took my first trip to Tokyo. I was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be crowded and busy like any big city, but I never anticipated how well run the city is. It's really like clock work.

Their subway system is clean and efficient. The stalls are opened but close if you don't have your octopus card. You can use this card for buying things in stores. You just decide how much money you want to spend on your card. You can also turn it in and get any remainder left. This is very practical for the visitor.  So it works for the subway and as a means of credit for you .The subway is actually faster then a taxi.  

The city has lots of small parks that are very green.A very beautiful park is the Emperors' palace garden. They have purple, lavender and white irises growing in the pond, Although, it can be humid, the rain cools things off making it very pleasant. You rarely see any trash on the streets. It's part of the Japanese culture and religion to be clean. 

Some of the best markets in the world are in Tokyo. They have every food specialty that you can think of in one huge market. I must have seen ten different flavors of KitKat chocolates. Rows of teas and coffees, fresh bakery items, specialty cuts of meat, organic vegetables, unique deli sandwiches and salads. Japanese cookies and candies.It was fancier than stores in Beverly Hills. Bristal Farms, doesn't even compare.  

They drive on the left side like in England which is different for Americans and when on the escalator, they stand on the left letting people who want to walk do so on the right. This can be confusing if you go to Hong Kong afterwards, because in Hong Kong they stand on the right and walk quickly on the left. 

I give Tokyo a big thumbs up!

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