Vitamin D

If you're like me, you often wonder how much Vitamin D do I need?  In order for you to absorb the calcium, you also need Vitamin D. Before the use of sunscreen, most people got enough Vitamin D, except for some places that had very little sun. I worry about skin cancer, but I will go for short walks where I don't use sunscreen except on my face. When using sunscreen look for zinc oxide as the active ingredient. This is the safest. Some sunscreen can actually cause skin cancer. There is also no proof that over 30 SPF increases your protection. These type of sunscreens likely have more chemicals. Be aware!

I read articles where they stress that everyone should get 2000 units of the vitamin per day. Then a few months later the news reports that too much Vitamin D can give you kidney stones and other harmful effects. Some people of the Asian race don't make as much Vitamin D even if they are in the sun a lot. So it's very confusing. 

What I recommend is having a lab test done to see what your levels are. It's really the only way to know. They take your blood and can tell you where you are deficient. You can have your iron level checked, your cholesterol and many other things. 

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