For the last few years, I considered myself a vegetarian but still ate seafood. I particularly ate shrimp a few times a month. I tried to eat only wild caught but soon found that I couldn't find wild caught. Everything seemed to come from Thailand or China and the shrimp was farmed.

Why Beans Should be Eaten

When growing up, I always thought of the bean as something to be eaten occasionally and that the bean was a lowly food. Something that poor people ate freguently. I grew up in the fifties and sixties, when eating meat and potatoes was considered necessary for a healthy life. Large quantities of dairy consumption was also encouraged. Fortunately, my mother hated milk and butter. And I never like the taste of milk so I didn't consume as much as the average person. 

Ingredients for Facial Oils

High performance facial oils are generally used at a 2 to 5 percent ratio in your natural facial oils. Some of my favorite ones that are considered antioxidants are: red raspberry seed oil, blueberry seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, pomegrante seed oil, coenyzme Q-10, Evening Primerose, and carrot seed oil.

How to Make a Facial Oil

I am going to explain how to make a simple, but effective facial oil. 

1.  You will need an amber or other colored glass bottle with a dropper. A 15 ml (1/2 ounce)

2. jojoba oil and sweet amond oil

3. essential oils of Frankincense and geranium or substitute lavender for the geranium.

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