As a young child, I spent my days exploring the woods of New York State and Europe. I loved the fragrances of the woods and the meadow flowers.

I have always loved natural fragrances, but for many years I wore very little perfume because the mass-produced synthetic perfumes gave me a headache and caused me to sneeze. When I discovered that I could make my own perfume with essential oils, I began to research and try many combinations. I also obtained my esthetician license and a certificate from the school of natural cosmetics in England.

The only ingredients that I use for my perfume are essential oils and a carrier oil. For my solid perfume, I use a plant wax, a carrier oil, and essential oils. The carrier oils are organic and the essential oils are either organic or wildcrafted. My decorative soap is made from a glycerin base that is vegan and kosher. 

These perfumes and soaps make a wonderful gift for yourself and others. Why not pamper yourself or someone you love with natural goodness. You won't be disappointed!

The earth laughs in flowers-- Emerson.