Mai says: Beautiful Scent! Purchased the Kohana perfume oil which is such a lovely scent- and natural ingredients are so important to me. Packaging, was so thoughtful and sweet and shipped very quickly! Included was a generous rose soap that I can't wait to try. Looking foward to being a repeat customer.


Debra says: This is my absolute FAVORITE skin care product (Bellla Rosa Facial Oil) of all time. This really makes my skin look the best ever. I am a big fan and have purchased several times and will keep purchasing it. It smells good too! LOVE it and highly recommend.

Paula says: I enjoy this product immensely as it has help my rosacea and my dry skin. I also love the unique fragrance. The Divine Gardenia facial cream is great to for using at night for added moisturizing. My skin tends to be alleric to most prouducts but I feel very comfortable using  gardenia and rose products. I have not found any oils or creams that I like as much as these. Thank you!


Tiffany says: I love the natural perfume oil that I purchased from you, Beautiful Desire. It has a clean but romantic fragrance. I also like the fact that your perfumes are made with just a carrier oil and pure essential oils. The fragrance is suble and uplifting. It smells heavenly!