Measuring for Bangles

Our Bangles come in small, medium, large and petite. In order to figure out what size that you wear, it's important to measure the top of your hand. You do this by going to the middle of your first knuckle and measuring to the middle of your last knuckle. If you can't see your knuckles, make a fist. You can mark the spot first with a marker and then measure if that is easier.

Even though you may have a small wrist, your hand might be large.  Your hand must fit through the opening of the bangle. Most women wear the medium size and some can wear the small and the medium. If the medium is a little too large, you can wear a small in front of it. This is for someone who can get into the small but also can almost wear a medium. Our small measures generally, 2  3/8, our medium 2  1/2, our petite 2 inches, when measuring from the inside diameter.  We will be making a large size soon. For rings, measure how normally you would measure for your ring. Currently, we only have a size 6, but will be adding more sizes soon.