I use only the finest ingredients for my solid perfume and perfume oil. I use organic jojoba or organic fractionated coconut oil. These two carrier oils have a very long shelf life. I use therapeutic essential oils. They are either organic or wildcrafted. In addition, I use a plant wax rather than beeswax because some individuals are allergic to bees and currently bees are being over-used. The population of bees is diminishing which is not a good thing. 

The perfume comes in a convenient 1/2 ounce container and is placed in a drawstring bag, making it gift ready. The perfume oil comes in a glass bottle and box.  I have a large variety of fragrances to choose from depending on your preference. None of them are overly strong and you just have to read the description to find out what type of fragrance it is. 

Therapeutic essential oils go directly to the brain when inhaled. This is a treat to the senses and can be soothing or invigorating depending on the essential oil chosen. The trend now is to get away from the synthetic, lab- created perfumes. Originally, everyone used essential oils, but then Coco Chanel created the first lab- created synthetic perfume and everyone jumped on the bandwagon from there and created mass-produced perfumes. Unfortunately, the public was not aware of the lurking hormone disrupters in these synthetics perfumes. Many individuals are still not informed of synthetic perfume and their toxic ingredients. 

Do your body a favor, only wear natural, botanical perfumes, or nothing at all. You will also do other people a favor too.  

My rose soap is made from an organic base that is vegan and kosher. These soaps have essential oils for their fragrances. They make lovely gifts and are gift ready.