Item Description

A mysterious, solid perfume that comes in a deocrative brass pocket locket that can be carried with you. It's easy to keep in your purse or pocket and re-apply. Made with organic golden jojoba, candellia wax and essential oils of litsea, lavender and basil. 

The fragrance is enticing and alluring with a touch of mystery. The pocket locket contains a small tin container to hold the solid perfume. This is removeable. Test on inside of wrist first. Keep water out and store away from heat.

Avoid if pregnant. Basil essential oil should not be used during pregnancy. Consult a physician or aromatherapist if you can use during second or third tri-semester. 

Store in a cool, dry spot. Do not leave in a car.

Enjoy our natural products. Always cruelty free and vegan.

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