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A beautiful romantic fragrance made from natural essential oils and jojoba oil. Comes in a 15 ml glass roll-on bottle. It has the scent of a lovely garden in Italy with roses, gardenias and orange blossoms. A touch of vanilla gives it a familiar warmth. Do no use if pregnant because the rose essential oil is one that shouldn't be used during pregnancy. 

Contains essential oils of rose absolute, organic gardenia extract, orange blossoms, vanilla and jojoba oil. This is our signature perfume and has a divine fragrance. The rose is believed to open up the heart chakra and the gardenia is very uplifting. 

Test on wrist first. Comes in a convenient roll-on applicator that allows you to re-apply. How long the scent lasts depends on the chemistry of your skin. Keep bottle out of direct light.

Enjoy our natural products. Always cruelty-free.

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